Pastor Boxman's Comments on Faith and Culture
      Have you ever had anything stolen?  God has.
      God gave us the rainbow to remind us of His promise never again to destroy the world with a big flood.But ungodly people have stolen the rainbow as a symbol of sexual perversion and pride.
     God deserves all the credit for designing and making the world and everything in it.But blind and foolish voices continue to insist that God had nothing to do with the origin of the universe.
     God has given us the wonderful gift of marriage—one man and one woman united together as husband and wife. But our culture has arrogantly hijacked marriage to include relationships detestable to God.
     These thefts have made it more difficult for us to stand firm and to teach the truth to our children.But we must stand firm and not let the powerful vacuum of our culture suck us onto its godless and hell-bound highway.
     Let us reaffirm the importance of hearing God’s Word clearly preached and taught that we may repent of our sin, not be proud of it.Let us not follow the false wisdom of this world, but the real wisdom of God demonstrated in the cross of Christ.Rebelling against God deserves God’s wrath.Thank God that Jesus took that wrath for us.In Him we are redeemed.That redemption means that our minds are made clear to understand God’s Word and our lives are sanctified to live to the glory of God.      Christ redeems the rainbow for us that we may see it and know that God remembers His promises.Christ redeems the doctrine of Creation.We know the Creator!Christ redeems marriage enabling husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the Church and wives to love and respect their husbands.
     Thanks be to Jesus our Redeemer!
     Serving the Lord with Gladness,
      Pastor Boxman
The Limitations of the Scientific Method
      Science is a method of learning about God’s world.The scientific method is often described as following certain steps.

    1.   Observation
    2.   Asking a question
    3.   Forming an hypothesis
    4.   Observing the results
    5.   Drawing conclusions regarding the hypothesis

     The scientific method has given mankind a wealth of knowledge about how things work. Applying that knowledge has produced many useful and beneficial items.
     The scientific method is useful in studying the present, but has its limitations in studying the past.Why?Because it is not possible for a person in the present to observe the past.
     Therefore the scientific method is not an overly useful tool in studying how the world came into existence or when and how man came to be.Scientists who claim that the scientific method has proven the hypothesis of evolution are not being honest.
     But there is One who observed the beginning of the universe and witnessed man coming into existence. The Triune God was there in the beginning and has told us what happened.God made the heavens (sky) and the earth and all that is in them.