Trinity Lutheran Church has a variety ministries to offer its members.  There are activities for members of all ages.  Some of the ministries you can find at Trinity are LWML, LLL, Prayer Chain, Parish Nurse Program, Senior Singles, Saints Alive after 55, Stephen Ministries, Bell Choir, Chancel Choir, Junior LYF, and Senior LYF,

Kansas District LLL


Parish Nurse Ministry

Saints Alive after 55

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry fits in with the mission statement of our congregation. Our mission statement tells us to Serve, Share, Care and Teach all in the name of Jesus Christ. God tells us to Serve Him by Sharing His love and Care with people who are broken hearted and in need of love and support. Stephen Ministry is about Teaching Stephen Ministers to go out and Serve their neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ. We Share one another's burdens by Caring for those in distress. Stephen Ministries also Teaches us that the Pastor can not do this alone. So we are to Serve, Share and Care alongside Pastor Boxman and Pastor Kootz. One final reason for Stephen Ministry. Jesus gave us His Great Commandment; "Love your neighbor as yourself." And His great Commission: "Therefore go and make disciples." Stephen Ministry is one tangible way we can fulfill Jesus' Great Commandment and Great Commission. Be the person who cares. Be the person who makes an effort, who loves without hesitation. Be the person who makes people seen. There is nothing stronger than someone who continues to be loving in a world that hasn't always been kind to them.